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(C) Christie Belanger Music. All rights reserved.


released September 25, 2013

Engineered and recorded by Dave DeCristo of Signal Kitchen, LLC
Brett Lanier: Slide Guitar
Sean Preece: Percussion
Pat Melvin: Strings
Leon Campos: Keys



all rights reserved


Christie Belanger New York, New York

Christie has been writing and playing music for several years and has developed into a powerful singer and lyricist. Christie brings her audience honest, perceptive lyrics and a passionate voice that allows the listener to relax and begin a journey of intimate experiences and eloquent story-telling. ... more

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Track Name: Day By Day
I am the man of the mountain
And my heels dig up the dirt that I made
When I climb up to feel a love that’s so real
At a height above all who I’ve betrayed

I am a man of the shadows
And I hide in the dark of the day
With a silence so soft,
I can hear myself cough up my insides
When I exhale my pain

And day by day, day by day
I drag myself through the rain
Sunshine or not,
I’m eternally caught between a rock
And this mountain I made

And I am a man of the flowers
That have bloomed from my gardening days
But they’ve started to wilt,
From the weight of my guilt
Now I can’t tell if they’re roses or daises

And I swear I’m a man of the people
So many I’ve loved all my days
I’m a man of respect, not a man of neglect
Though many will tell you I ain’t

And day by day, day by day
I haul my feet through tumultuous terrain
To love, or to lose? I cannot choose
Stuck, on this mountain I made
Track Name: Red
Please hold my hand, it’s happened again
The depths of my sorrow has avenged my distress
I need your shoulder to relax my head
Fore I do not see futures without us as friends

When all else fails you,
I’ll give you my heart
And we’ll cut through the vines that break us apart
With only each other,
We’ll shaft those who kill
The goodness that thrives when kindness instills

‘Cause they can’t comprehend
The peace that prevails
When you open your eyes
To all that entails

But as time overlaps our premature bond
You encounter the silence, and start to despond
Distracted and stressed, you find something new
And the distance it grows, and the failure ensues

But I want success,
And I want to preserve
The clasp of our hands when the world starts to turn

So I fight parasites as they invade your lungs
Collapse your insight,
And rewire your tongue
While you do not move, you do not even try
Because you do not care,
And our friendship, it dies

But I’ll always love you, your sweet voice and warm eyes
All that we shared,
Even goodbye
Track Name: The Warrior
The Warrior

Where do I go, when there's nowhere to run?
Who do I turn to, when everyone's gone?
Darkness is falling by the light of the dawn
And I cannot see you

Show me a smile
Like you used to before
When our dreams were like angels
So real, and so pure

When we shared a love
That could not be torn
But I cannot see you

Now all this don't seem so real
When I reach out to you
And there's nothing to feel
No heart that holds faith
From the demons that wait
For the slip of a hand
Into hell's fearless gates

Fill up my mind
With those sinful thoughts
Until I am weary
And you are not

Until you are grounded
And I am lost
Lost, and forgotten
Forgotten, and gone

Now all this is so surreal
When I hold you so close
But there's nothing to feel
No hands that hold hope
No courage to cope
From the loss of a love
A long time ago
Track Name: After
Hold me like a baby, baby
‘Cause I can feel our love changing
Our hope will not float,
So we must let go of the ropes that have our hearts dangling

But please still treat me like a child
Fore I am still lost, innocent and too quiet
Alone on a path that others have passed
But for you was not quite as worthwhile

This is where our story ends
No longer lovers, and no longer friends
The words on our pages silence our voices
To not speak of our love again

We say hello, and goodbye
But I miss our good mornings, and I miss our goodnights
The rush of our blood when our lust would ignite
And the genuine soul in your smile

But your eyes are no longer for me
They fall on another, so solemn and sweet
They never look back on our tragic past
They just look away from an old lover’s plea

And so the distance becomes a good friend
One I admire, and can’t help but contend
One that has left me empty and hopeless
As it grows ‘neath the depths of my lonesome cold den

So feel my heart pounding, baby
One more last time, before our lives start changing
Feel it erupt, and shrivel up from the touch
Then say farewell with your soft hands, waving
Track Name: Movement
This is the last time
That I will invest my life
With you on my mind

‘Cause back when your chains
Ate at my wrists
Solutions were nameless,
Then ceased to exist

I stood in a doubtful position
With hands reached out
Towards those who didn’t listen

And eyes focused on a face
That could not recollect
The qualities that blossom
Through a man of respect

Engulfed in a hot air,
I was too blind to see
These lifeless roots that terrorized me
But with some clarity,
Your legacy is clear
You left problems here

And this is the last time
That I will refrain from movement
Think of the past,
And wish to undo it
Soak in the wallows of your sadness
Dry off with your pain and your madness

And this is the last time
That I will stay patient
Accept lack of progress
And conniving conditions

And for the first time
I will forget
I will break these chains,
And I will disconnect
Track Name: Two Lovers' Long Waltz
Darling, dance with me
And we’ll sway like the wind and the trees
With our hands intertwined, and our hearts side by side
And the delicate sound of our sighs

You will bear my children
And we’ll teach them the things that we know
The things that we lost from the people we trust
And the things that we’ll never let go

We’ll dream they’ll all flourish in fame
But they’ll all strive to be ordinary
And they’ll say things to spite us,
To fight and defy us
But we will love them always

And I’ll turn to you when all darkness ensues
When the treasures of life dissipate
But you’ll be unphased by the world’s soulless games
Saying “baby, tomorrow’s a new day”

Our family will instantly grow
When our kids have kids of their own
Their hearts grow less colder when their babies grow older
For fear that they will live alone

So we’ll give them the guidance they seek
When their hearts become weary and weak
And we’ll give them our strength when they fall on their face
From the weight of the baggage they’ve made

And I’ll turn to you when my rage has commenced
When the sun’s gone, and darkness descends
But you’ll be unphased by my withering state
Saying “baby, tomorrow’s a new day”

As we finally shake hands with old age
When our hair turns a light shade of grey
I’ll look back on our past, with a smile and a laugh
But you don’t seem to do the same

Your mind starts to sink far below
The roots where our true love has grown
That look in your eyes, and that beautiful smile
Do not have that familiar glow

And you’ll turn to me,
Thoughtless and scared
When somewhere and something
Become nothing, and nowhere

I’ll battle my pain, and triumph unphased
Saying “baby, tomorrow’s a new day.”